Today we're reminding our listeners that incoterms rules are changing at the start of 2020. With the updates and specific changes to be announced very shortly by the International Chamber of Commerce. We are delighted to be joined by a world-renowned exporting expert,  Mr Robert Ronai. He has over five decades of experience in exporting and importing stretches, in international banking and the world of international commerce. Bob now has the honour of being the first Australian and only the second non-lawyer to be invited by the ICC to be a member of their Incoterms® Drafting Group to draft the new Incoterms® 2020. Bob is a prolific speaker and an active voice within Incoterms and trade finance. Joining us today from Australia, Bob has managed two of the most active LinkedIn groups within trade finance and Incoterms, attracting a collective 50,000 followers in the community.

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