The evolution of SWIFT

Today we’re talking about messaging. I’m sure we all have messaged before, humans might use whatsapp or messenger. Computers might use application programming interfaces, or APIs. Dogs bark at each other, dolphins message through using soundwaves. But what about banks? How do banks message one another?

Often banks need to talk to each other, confirming beneficiaries, recipients, payment amounts, and details of goods and services of their clients and transactions. SWIFT is the  financial industry’s neutral and trusted infrastructure provider, and is still moving towards the creation of frictionless instant payments in an ever-changing and complex environment. Today, we’re talking about the evolution of SWIFT. 

How has SWIFT changed, what challenges have they faced and how will they continue reinventing themselves in the highly competitive global payments market? 

To help me answer these questions, I’m delighted to be joined by Marcus Hughes, Head of Strategic Business Development at Bottomline. 

Full transcript here:

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